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In the table below you will find billing instructions for each subcontract type, as well as any necessary forms to support your invoices.

JPL created Excel "Smart Forms" versions of several forms. Use the Excel forms if you prefer to prepare your invoices in Excel.

Adobe Icon   Adobe Reader is required to view the PDF forms.

Fixed Price Invoice
 Fixed Price Invoice  Instructions (pdf) Form (xls)
 Fixed Price Level-of-Effort  Instructions (pdf) Form (xls)
 Fixed Price Level-of-Effort with SWOs  Instructions (pdf) Form (xls)
 Fixed Price with SWOs  Instructions (pdf) Form (xls)
 Deliverable Milestone Schedule  Instructions (pdf) Form (xls)
 Progress Payment Requiring SF 1443*  Instructions (pdf) Form (xls)
 Progress Payment and Deliverable/Milestone
 Requiring SF 1443*
 Instructions (pdf) Form (xls)
 Fixed Price - Construction  Instructions (pdf) Form (xlsx)
 Fixed Price - Construction with SWOs  Instructions (pdf) Form (xlsx)
 Fixed Price - Architect and Engineering
 SF 1443
 Instructions (pdf) Form (xls)
Cost Invoice
 Cost Invoicing  Instructions (pdf)
 Cost - Plus Fee  Instructions (pdf)
 Cost - Plus Fee with SWOs  Instructions (pdf)
 Cost Reimbursable with an Educational
 Institution (CREI)
 Instructions (pdf)
 Cost Reimbursable with an Educational
 Institution (CREI) with SWOs
 Instructions (pdf)
Time and Materials Invoice
 Time and Materials Invoice  Instructions (pdf) Form (xls)
 Time and Materials with SWOs  Instructions (pdf) Form (xlsx)
Labor Hour Invoice
 Labor Hour Invoice  Instructions (pdf) Form (xls)
 Labor Hour with SWOs  Instructions (pdf) Form (xls)
 Labor Hour with Multiple Labor Category SWOs  Instructions (pdf)  Form (xlsx)
 Labor Hour - Architect & Engineering
 Multiple Category SWOs
 Instructions (pdf)  Form (xlsx)
Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA)
 Basic Ordering Agreement  Instructions (pdf)
Consultant Agreement
 Consultant Service Agreement  Instructions (pdf)Form (xlsx)
Form (pdf)
Other Invoices
 ARRA Supplemental Invoicing  Instructions (pdf)
PO/BPA Invoices
 BPA Invoicing  Instructions (pdf)
 Purchase Orders Invoicing  Instructions (pdf)
Travel Form
 Subcontractor Travel Expense Report  Form (xls)
Other Forms
 NF 533 Monthly or Quarterly Forms Acquisition Web Site
General Forms
 Form W-8  (Please contact IMS for special handling instructions)
 Form W-9  Request for taxpayer Identification Number and Certification
 EFT Authorization (pdf)
*Use the following SF 1443 forms for subcontracts executed before October 9, 2009
 Progress Payment Requiring SF 1443  Instructions (pdf) Form (xls)
 Progress Payment and Deliverable/Milestone
 Requiring SF 1443
 Instructions (pdf) Form (xls)

Last Updated on the 1st of February 2018
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